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Alaska Women in the Iditarod break

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Alaska Women in the Iditarod

Peg Stout, (mother of musher, DeeDee Jonrowe)

Recommended Age Group:

Alaska Dept. of Education, 1992.

This paperback book has photographs and a 2-3-page biography of important women of the Iditarod including female mushers, Iditarod staff and volunteers. Several pages of classroom activities are listed along with word searches graphs to be completed, a pattern for dog booties and even a recipe for dog biscuits.

Lesson plans for a reading race to Nome are given in detail. Various descriptions of several race awards are explained. The inclusion of Iditarod rules, listing of prize money awarded to the top twenty mushers, etc. enriches this material.

This is excellent for high school teachers and students but could be adapted for intermediate and elementary grades.

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